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Lipgloss Galore!

Wow, I'm like doused in lip gloss stuff now. Its not even funny.

For christmas I got a whole 20 pack lip gloss kit from Courtney. All flavored! I think they all consist of coconut, grape, cherry, strawberry, lemonade, watermellon, and all those generic scents. Its awesome.

And I got a new lip gloss from Bath and Body. Its sugar cookie and its my favorite of them all! Perfect blend of shininess, color, and moisturizing. And it smells delish!

And from my brother I got a caboodles lip gloss. Its pink lemonade and smells so fruity! the only thing is I sneeze every time I use it. Not good, but I still use it anyways =)

Music wise, I havn't listened to anything new lately. I've been listening to my really old c.d.'s that I've had since I was 12. Quite interesting actually. The only thing I can say is I love the song "100 years" by Five for Fighting. Makes me think.
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