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I used to try to catch him, but never even caught his name.

OK guys, I have new Lip Gloss and music for you to explore:

LIPS: I have NEW liquid lip smackers Vanilla flavored crap, and then my mom bought me Candy Cane stuff, and for Christmas, Chesnizzle bought me Strawberry Hello Kitty lip gloss. Oh and then she also gave me Black Cherry stuff from L'Oreal which I ADORE. It's bright pink and really makes my lips...noticable. o_O

MUSIC: Bands I recommend would be Kittie, The Used, and The Doors. I'm starting to get into the whole classic rock thing a little more, so Janis Joplin=love. And for Christmas, Trevor bought me H.I.M.'s new cd, but I don't really like it that much. It's just sorta thrown together and the lyrics are trying too's like they want to scream, LOOK AT ME. I'M GOTH.
I also got Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me from The Cure and I LOVE IT. The best songs on their are The Kiss, Catch, Hot Hot Hot!!!, How Beautiful You Are..., and One More Time.

So....go get some of these things and spread holididiay cheer!
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