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Everyday I like to eat about 147 fwuffy puff mawshmawows

Ok guys, here I am! Well today I'm listening to Vertigo by U2 and I loooove it. This is some of their greatest stuff. Not as good as the Joshua Tree, but still some of the best stuff they put out in a while. I must get the cd.

And if anyone's interested, you should go out and buy Gwen Stefani's solo cd, too. I <3 her. Her 1st single has the wierdest lyrics but they all tie together some way, and I love that about her. She just stands out.

My current lip gloss is a cross between grape chapstick (which reminds me of childrens tylenol) and this cotton candy cutie stuff from kiss of color from lipsmackers. But I mostly stick with cappuccino.

Oh and if you guys could put the banner that I have on my journal on your journal, that'd be great. I'll give you guys the link and you guys can go from there. We need to get this more noticed.

Okeys, I'm done for today. :D
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